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Stefan Lekberg - Abstract painter

About the art

Stefan Lekberg is known for his large-scale often three dimentional abstract expressions, in which he uses acrylic and mixed media such as ashes and gold leaf. 

Stefan himself is exploring and experiencing the art coming to life as much as the audience. He paints intuitive, the work is unfolding, never repeating, he lets the art play in its own language. The art is inviting us to the dance of life and death.

Facing a Lekberg piece is like facing our inner world, shaking to the ground of what is.

It is very intimate.

Stefans abstract expression is groundbreaking, unbound by concepts, conformity or convention. He is free.

​About Stefan Lekberg

Stefan lived and worked in Stockholm where he painted in his studio and ran a gallery from home where he arranged the popular "Art soup". He invited stangers to his home in Stockholm, for free art exhibition, live music, soup and wine. 

Art Soup lasted for nine years and began like a act against the big machinery in the art world and gallery systems.

Stefan grew weary of the city and longed for more space and silence a place to call home to rest his soul and uplift the spirit.

He found it in tiny Nynäs, a beautiful farm just beside the ocean in the archipelago between Trosa and Nyköping.

Stefan and his wife Theresa Lekberg created Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in residence and house artists from all over the world. A experimental studio where you get challenged out of conformity and space for allowing yourself to think your own thoughts and work without premade results in mind.

Artists that come here seek a refuge to work,

away from the disturbance of comforting interactions -

and chose to go in to silence and solitude

- to still your self to hear your own voice. 

Stefan Lekberg
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